Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Kwik Sew 3146 - Girl's White Shirt

This shirt is a shameless copy of a shirt I picked up at a garage sale for my younger daughter.  It was too small during the right season, so she never wore it.  Now I passed it on to my neice.  I really liked it, though and the design stuck in my head.  So, here's my version for my older daughter.

I cut the sleeves off right above the elbow and drafted a new cuff.  The cuff is slightly flared and then I added a velvet ribbon at the cuff seam.

The collar also has the velvet ribbon around the edge.  In hindsight, I realize that I probably should have cut and mitered the corners, but I just folded and overlapped them.  It was pretty bulky and took a bit of manipulating to look satisfactory.  The original shirt had grosgrain ribbon rather than velvet.  I would have preferred this for my copy, but Fabricland didn't have any.  Seriously.  Lots of other ribbon, but no narrow white grosgrain ribbon.  Very disappointing.

I made size T4 for my daughter and had to take it in 1.5" at the side seams and underarms.  I added a bit of shaping at the waist.  Not that she has any shaping at the waist, but she was concerned about this shirt looking "boyish" and she was pleased with this change.

I've used this pattern many times before, most recently here.  It's a good one.  I love it when little kid clothes looks like grown-up clothes - just smaller.  This pattern does that - the collar, yoke, little pocket - it's all the right scale and done just like the real thing.

I'll be entering this in the fair in the "Child's Blouse category.

I'm nearly finished with a jumper to go with this shirt.

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