Saturday, August 15, 2009

New Look 6638 - Girl's Nightgown

"A dress? To wear to bed?! For ME?!?!" Okay, so the concept of a nightgown is a bit new to my daughter. I don't wear one and she's never had one, but she's getting used to the idea.

The Preacher's grandma gave me this flannel and I just barely squeaked this out of it, but it is perfect for a nightgown. I made a size 4 and lengthened the skirt and sleeves by 1.5".

The pattern suggests sewing flat lace to the top of the collar, but I didn't find any lace that I liked, so I put white ric-rac around the collar edge instead. It's inserted like piping.

I seem to be on a bit of a New Look streak lately. I think this was a good pattern. There isn't really a lot of fitting work to fuss with on a nightgown like this, but it did seem to be drafted well.

I'll be entering this for judging in the fair in the "girl's nightgown" category. My daughter doesn't quite understand why she can't wear it until after the fair, but she knows she's going to go look for it while she's there.


  1. Really cute nightgown! I love the ric-rac around the collar.

  2. So cute!! Makes me wish I had a daughter to make one for...

  3. So very sweet! Does this pattern run big? How old is your daughter that you made the size 4? I need to make another nightgown for my daughter and I like this pattern a lot.