Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Make-Up Bags

I made these up to sell. The woman with the shop where my other things are for sale asked for more stuff, so I'll try these and see what she thinks. She has mostly decorative things for the home, so I'm not sure these are really what she's looking for, but they were pretty fast and easy and will work for gifts if they don't sell.

The off-white plaid one is backed with a stiff fusible interfacing. All the others have a thin batting between the outer fabric and the lining. The green batik (smallest one) is quilted in a grid pattern.

The middle two are made with traditional box corners (some good tips here). I like that this makes a bottom for the bag, but it also pulls in the side seams making the width of the bottom narrower than the top.

I found this tutorial that shows how to make a straight-sided triangular bag. Brilliant! You can see the difference here:

The pattern for the bag looks like this:

I love finding things like this online. It would have taken me a really long time to figure this out.

The straight-sided bag seems preferable to me, but I also wanted to do the accent fabrics on the bottom of the bag and that would have been really complicated with the straight-sided pattern, but it was very simple with the regular box corners.

I'm hoping to get pants for the little man cut out tonight. (Don't tell my littlest one. If I have something planned for after bedtime, she doesn't want to go to sleep. I don't know how she knows...)


  1. Very cute bags! I love all of your fabric choices! How long did they take you to make?

  2. I am looking for a sewing enthousiast who can make about 20 make-up bags whick I can sell on my webstore. I sell leather luxury ladies bags. I occassionally get requests for make up bags. Are you interested? best regards, Nienke