Monday, July 6, 2009

Hoping for Happy Feet

I really like handknit socks. I like making them and I like wearing them. I've probably only made six pair or so, but the first couple of pairs that I made are starting to get holes in them. I suppose now I need to start looking into darning socks. That doesn't sound like something I'll like. Anyway...

My MIL gave me this kit. It had three skeins of yarn, a sock pattern, and this note:

It says: "This kit contains handspun yarn that is a blend of wool, mohair, nylon, silk, alpaca and camel made just for socks!"

The yarn is much bulkier than any I have used for socks in the past. I didn't think I would like heavy guage socks, so I let this yarn sit in my stash for awhile. I considered using it for mittens instead of socks. But, after thinking about it I concluded that bulky socks might be something I could really like. I spend a lot of time at home and during the cooler months I always have socks on. After a day of walking around in thin socks, my feet really hurt. With heavier socks or slippers, they don't feel as bad.

So, I don't think I'll like these socks inside my shoes. Boots will probably be fine. But, I'm guessing I'll really like them on days that I'm just hanging around the house. I'll keep you posted.

I prefer knitting with a plied yarn, but it is interesting to watch how this knits up. It has a bit of a thick-and-thin pattern to it with the colors appearing randomly. Compared to knitting socks with fingering weight yarn, these socks are coming together incredibly quickly.

Hopefully my feet will like them!

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  1. I probably would like them if your feet don't.