Tuesday, June 23, 2009

In Conclusion...

I think that this green top is the last of the warm weather clothing I'll be making for my kids for now. I'll probably make some more things as the summer goes on, but I think I'm calling it "good" as far as them having enough clothes to make it from one laundry day to the next.

This top is (of course) Kwik Sew 2918. I left off the sleeves on this one, too and added ties to the shoulder seams.

To make the casings for the ties, I increased the seam allowance to 3/4", pressed it open and stitched down each side. I threaded the ties through the casing and then caught them in the neckband.

So, this meant that I had to put the top together in reverse order from usual. First I sewed the side seams, then finished the armhole, then sewed the shoulder seams and put the neckband on.

The shorts were a hand-me-down pair of pants that I cut off because they were too short. Pretty wild, but my daughter seems to like them.

As if the first picture isn't silly enough, this one is the "official" silly shot:

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