Friday, April 3, 2009

While You Were Sleeping – Kwik Sew 2918

I’ve been sewing T-shirts for the little guy this week. Most of this has happened while he is napping or having some “quiet time.” Today when he came upstairs after quiet time he said, “What did you make for me today, mom?” Gotta love that.

A couple of months ago the Preacher and I went to a minor league hockey game. Turns out it was a T-shirt give-away night. Everyone got a T-shirt! Lucky me! The team's mascot is a Muskie and is featured nicely on the shirt. The little man thought a fish playing hockey was really pretty funny. So, I cut it up and turned it into a shirt for him. You can imagine how hard it was for me to part with a large black men's T-shirt with a hockey playing Muskie on it, but hey, that's just the kind of mom I am.

This shirt is made out of the leftovers from this shirt. The navy stripe is sewn on top, not pieced.

The brown and blue stripes are from Metro Textile in NY. A very soft jersey - not sure of the fiber content.

Orange and white stripes also from Metro Textile. This is a cotton/lycra jersey. It is good and stretchy, but it was hard to cut out on grain as all the edges curled terribly.

I use Kwik Sew 2918 to make T-shirts for my kids. I’ve used this pattern at least 20 times already and my youngest is just in the smallest size now, so I’m not done with it yet.

It’s a great pattern. Very basic, but drafted well. The shoulders and neck are appropriate sizes – not like a lot of the toddler patterns from the Big 4. Sometimes I wonder if those pattern drafters have ever seen a baby or toddler, much less tried their patterns on one. And the Kwik Sew sizes correspond very closely to RTW sizes. That is really helpful if you are sewing for someone else (or someone else’s child).
Now I'm working on another Kwik Sew pattern for this cute fella. A "church shirt!"

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  1. cute t-shirts. He looks like they meet his approval too.