Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Necessary Sewing

My most recent work has been a long way from exciting. I really don’t like home decorating sewing very much. I find it is usually a lot of long, straight and really boring seams put in a lot of fabric with a lot of pressing. Handling all that fabric gets cumbersome. This type of sewing feels like a chore to me. The fact that I don’t think I have much of a gift for decorating probably adds to my lack of enthusiasm. However, sometimes it is necessary. And now is one of those times.

I made a valence for the girls’ bedroom out of this fabric:

And a curtain for a bathroom out of this (cream-y colored cotton gause):

Pictures of them up and in place would probably be more exciting, but they won’t go up until we move back in.

So, it wasn’t so bad once I did it, but I’ve had this fabric since November and have just been putting it off since then. I do have a couple more curtains to do, but I don’t have that fabric with me.

I also did some sewing for the girls’ group at our church. They need these “flags” for a liturgical dance sometime in the fall. Thankfully, serging around the edges is sufficient because there are about 40 of them and the fabric is not at all nice to work with. I have a lot more of these to do.

Now I likely won’t be sewing again until the end of March. There just won’t be time with cleaning, moving, and unpacking. And then I’ll be in NYC for a few days. Have I mentioned that I’m excited about that?!? So, there won’t be any posting here for awhile, but I will be back!

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