Monday, December 30, 2013

Ottobre 1/2010 #9 - Little Man Jacket

It was beginning to seem like my siblings and in-laws only knew how to produce girls. Then I did get a nephew thrown in the mix earlier in the year. Since I didn't think he would appreciate a little girl's coat, I had to come up with an alternative. I went straight to Ottobre.

I loved this little jacket! This is the tenth (TENTH!) pattern I've used from this issue (1/2010) - the very first one I bought. I'd say it's a winner.

I chose to make it in this khaki-colored wool rather than the sweater knit recommended. It'll fit smaller than the pattern suggests, but everything still worked. The wool was really lovely to work with.

Those little semi-circular pockets are my favorite detail. The seaming is pretty sweet, too. I left off the collar tab. I like how it looks in the diagram, but I really had a hard time getting it to look good.

The inner collar is quilting cotton, but the rest is a heavyweight poly satin (but not too shiny because it's for a little dude). I think the hanging loop is a must in a coat, especially a kid's coat.

I think I like this jacket as much as the little girl coats! More nephews, please!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Ottobre 1/2010 #14 - Burgundy Wool Coat

I'm not one to mess with a good thing. Ottobre 1/2010 #14 has worked well for me to give to new nieces (See here. And here. And don't forget here). The nieces just keep coming and I'm happy to come up with some new looks from this pattern. Truth be told, I'm rather behind. The niece receiving this coat is almost 18 months old already.

I did trace off the pattern again, a couple sizes larger than the other versions. Said niece is above average in many ways for an 18 month old, most notably in size. The fabric is a dark red wool that I picked up at a thrift store awhile ago. It is beautiful fabric, but the piece wasn't large. It isn't a coat-weight wool, so I lined it with a quilted lining.

I really like how it makes the inside of the coat look, but it was not fun to sew with. The fabric is quilted to a very light batting and then a layer of foam.

That foam is super grabby and would not go through the machine. To make it work, I had to put a strip of tissue paper over the foam layer - both under the presser foot and over the feed dogs. In the end it worked out, but it took much longer. I do think it will make it comfortably warm.

I love the patent leather piping around the collar and waistline. I would like a coat for myself with the burgundy/patent leather combo - so classy! The black buttons are from Fabricland. I like the rounded square shape. They're plastic, but apparently quite shiny. I can see my reflection with the camera in the photo!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Wrapping it Up

My sewing machine has been busy here lately, but not much of it has been blog-able. Some client sewing, some gifts. The client sewing has all been picked up and the gifts are all done. This is the point where I start thinking, "I could still make such-and-such for so-and-so!" I've learned it's best to squelch that voice with one big "NOPE!" Being done a little early and having a little breathing space makes the holiday break with the kids much more enjoyable.

Yesterday, I thoroughly enjoyed sewing a simple little thing just for me:

This is Noodlehead's Open Wide Zipper Pouch. Sometime in the last year the zipper broke on the cosmetics-counter freebie bag I used for makeup when traveling and I threw it out. I'm just getting around to replacing it now.

Behold! The wide opening! This is great for pouches that you might need to root around in. Or just want to see into. Love it.

Sometimes it's the little things. I love that green tab at the end of the zipper.

I'm hoping for some good chunks of selfish sewing time over the holiday break, but for now my daughter is logging some good time on the machine. Fabric choices are all hers and, yes, those are zippers (we can do it!). No questions from the Grandma's, please (it's a surprise!).

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Kwik Sew 3453 - Faux Fur Vest

This vest was actually completed a couple of months ago, but I had very mixed feelings about it and it just hung out on my dress form for a long time. I finally decided that I needed to actually wear it to determine how I really felt about it.

Fur Vest

The fabric is a synthetic fur that I found in the clearance section at Fabricland. It looks striped from the pile being quilted in different directions. I liked it when I saw it, but knew that it would require a simple pattern for it to work for me.

Faux Fur Fabric

I chose to use Kwik Sew 3453 with a few modifications. I moved the pattern's forward shoulder seam to the actual shoulder, eliminated pockets and zipper, added a lining, and shortened the length a little bit. The fur made a horrible mess of my sewing room, but was otherwise easy to sew.

Fur Vest

I like the side panels on this pattern and chose to place the stripes on the bias for interest. This isn't as visible as I thought it would be. In my mind, the side panels came more to the front than they actually do.

Styling this vest had me stumped for awhile. I'm still not sure what would be best. While wearing black with it, I did notice that the vest still does a fair bit of shedding. Not ideal. Maybe some other outfit inspiration will strike soon.

Fur Vest