Monday, May 4, 2015

McCall's 6992 - Sheer White Sweater

While it took me awhile to get on board with the stylish sweatshirt trend, I’m really liking it now. The key to making it work for me is using a fabric that isn’t bulky or sweatshirt-like. When I saw a sheer white sweater knit on the clearance rack at Jo-Ann Fabrics,  I thought it would make a nice pairing with McCall's 6992 for spring.

There isn't a lot to say about the pattern. It's a very easy style to sew up. Several options are included in the pattern, making it easy to include several versions in your wardrobe without feeling like they're all the same. Not that that matters to me - I use the same patterns over and over again even if they do all look the same. But I know not everyone gets excited about that.

Necessary alterations were blissfully minimal. I added an inch of length, but I don't think I really needed it with this fabric. In something less stretchy, it would have been important. For the bottom band, I disregarded the pattern piece and cut the band just a titch shorter than my hip circumference. I wanted it to be snug enough to stay in place, but not ride up.  The neckline is finished with a narrow binding rather than the traditional wider sweatshirt neckband.

There are small darts at the shoulders and I think I would move them forward if I make this again. When I have it on, they are slightly behind my shoulder line and I often feel like I need to pull the whole top forward.

I like this top for spring - not too bare, but still light and breezy. Unfortunately, the fabric is somewhat delicate and already has a couple of small snags. Since the investment in both time and money for this piece was pretty minimal, I'm going to just enjoy it while it lasts and not worry too much about it.