Thursday, January 19, 2012

Simplicity 2609 - Tiered Skirt

This skirt has been completed for awhile. After I finished it, I took a bit of time to decide if I liked it and then a bit more time to decide how to wear it. I haven't had a skirt this long or this full in years. It feels really different.

Tiered skirt

Even though this is a pretty simple project, I bought a pattern (Simplicity 2609) for it. The main fabric is pretty lightweight and sheer, so a lining was pretty important. I saw this pattern during a Simplicity sale and figured I could use View A for the skirt and View D for the lining.

I think I like the skirt now, but I almost abandoned it mid-project. I spent a long, frustrating time trying to find the straight grain of the fabric and then started cutting out the pieces when I thought I had it. Turns out that I didn't have it at all and the pieces were all off grain. But, I don't think anymore fussing would have helped. It was just one of those fabrics. (But, I can't complain - it was $1.50/meter).

The skirt required nearly five meters of fabric. The bottom tier is around 12 feet long. That's a lot of hemming. And gathering. If you have any aversion to gathering at all, I strongly advise you not to use this pattern. I started with the bottom tiers, to get the worst of it over with first. The thought of gathering threads breaking in the middle was not a pleasant one, so I zigzagged over a piece of fine yarn and then gathered it up by pulling on the yarn rather than doing the usual two rows of stitching.

Worn with heavy tights, thick socks and boots, this was a pretty warm outfit. But, I need a little more practice wearing a long skirt - I stepped on it a few times going up steps and rolled over the bottom tier a couple of times in an office chair. Whoops. And my daughters noted that I'm not quite as good at twirling as they are!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

McCall's 3341 - Glen Plaid Skirt

The fourth (and final!) part of the Coordinated Christmas Clothing project is a skirt for me. Truthfully, this was the piece I sewed first for a couple of reasons. I originally bought the fabric to make something for me and I knew that if I didn't like my garment I wasn't going to want to go ahead with this endeavor. So, I actually sewed this at the end of November and it might be a stretch for me to remember the construction process!

I searched awhile for a pattern that I liked. I wanted something a little more interesting than my usual plain choices, but didn't find anything from the major pattern companies that jumped out at me. I've never sewn a Knip Mode pattern before, but I've seen others make unique things, so I perused their site. There I saw this skirt that did jump out at me.

Klik op het plaatje voor groter beeld

I tried buying the pattern when I saw it, but I was having computer issues and couldn't get the transaction to go through. Then I started thinking more about the pattern and knew there were a few things I would want to change - the length, the topstiching across the front and back yoke, and the wrap-style. It seemed like I could modify an A-line skirt pattern easily enough to include what I wanted and leave off what I didn't. So, that's the route I went.

McCall's 3341 is the pattern I started with. I had this in my stash, but had not used it yet. I compared it to McCall's 3830 that I have used a few times and the waist and hips measure the same. I traced it off and started drawing in the new lines. They're primarily all straight lines, so it wasn't too difficult.

For the back, I drew the curved yoke across the back and then incorporated the dart into the fullness of the skirt and the curve of the yoke. Dart manipulation fascinates me. I haven't done much of it, but I think it's always interesting.

The finished result:

Christmas skirt

I had a near miss with a case of zipper rage. See that bump at my left hip? Ugh. I didn't have a black invisible zipper, so I tried using a regular zipper and doing a lapped insertion. After three tries, I gave up and put in a brown invisible zipper. I had interfaced the seam allowances, but they had had it with my messing around. The hip bump was as good as it was going to get.

Christmas skirt

The back skirt panels are cut on the bias. The yoke is cut on the straight grain. I like the back of the skirt and could see using it again. (The front is pretty distinctive, so I'd probably pair this back with a different front).

Christmas clothing

I used Butterick 3344 (OOP) to make the turtleneck from ponte knit that was leftover from a different project. I've made similar turtlenecks before, but this time I left out the zipper at the back neck. The seam was stretchy enough to pull over my head when I used the serger. I couldn't make the extra-long scrunched sleeves that I like because of fabric constraints, but I did make extra wide gathered cuffs for a similar look.

Butterick 3344

The Preacher did play along with us on Christmas Day and wore this red tie with a gray shirt and black suit. We had someone take pictures of us, but they didn't turn out all that well.

Family pic

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