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Novelty Baby Bibs

S asked me to make four unique baby bibs for her shop. She sent me in a certain direction with some ideas and here are the results:

I roughly copied a bib I had on hand, modifying the corners/curves a bit. S initially asked for a bib that said "They put my cape on backwards" but text is difficult for me to do since I don't have an embroidery machine. The superhero-ish one is my attempt at a similar sentiment.

Fruity bibs heavily inspired by these. If I make the strawberry one again, I think I'll make the leaves a little bigger.


More pillows  for S's shop...



Ruched rose pattern here. The velveteen one is basically two yo-yo's. The larger one has some gathering stitches sewn in the center.

Instructions for this type of flower are all over the internet, so it's hard to know who to credit. This one is the most thorough. I didn't use any glue on mine and the backing is entirely different.

And more owls (the first order sold out very quickly):

If you are interested, more pictures can be found here.

White Denim Trousers

Back in the fall, I read this post from Ali and was so inspired to do exactly what she did - copy a pair of pants that I knew I liked and would wear more of. I got the book she used, Patternmaking for a Perfect Fit, from the library and set to work on a pair of well-loved trouser jeans from Gap.

The process outlined in the book is good  - I'd recommend it (I've since purchased the book). I started this project in November, so I honestly don't remember a lot of the details. The only thing I do remember is that it is really important to start with the grainline and get that spot on. I didn't do that initially and I had pant legs that twisted around like a barber pole. It's a difficult part to just eyeball.

The front of the first muslin was good, but the back was a disaster. I made some adjustments and cut new back pieces. After I had the main pieces how I wanted them, I made a second muslin to test out all the small pieces that I was drafting based on measurements ra…