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McCall's 6438 - Navy/White Striped Skirt

So, I've fallen hard for Pinterest. Thankfully, I'm finding it really useful and not quite the time-suck that I feared it would be. Awhile back I saw this skirt and was inspired to copy it. Truth be told, I had just repinned it from someone else's board and didn't bother to check where it was from. The original skirt is from Old Navy, and I probably could have bought it for about the same amount that it took me to make it. Knocking off an expensive designer garment seems like a great idea. Knocking off inexpensive and very accessible clothes initially seems less worthy. But, I'm still glad I made it instead of buying it. More about that later...

The skirt is quite simple and could have been adapted from any basic A-line skirt, but I had McCall's 6438 on hand and since it already has the center front and back seams (and even the bias grainline marked) I opted to use it - View C.

On my most recent trip to Fabricland, I was pretty excited to see a selection of bre…

Little Houses

We're just wrapping up our March break week here. Other than some sickness, we had a good week. For the most part, we kept busy with good and simple things close to home. One of the days I invited the kids into the sewing room to work on a project together.

I saw these little house ornaments on Pinterest and wanted to give them a try. The kids got to pick out the fabrics, trim, button, and ribbon that they wanted to use from my stash.

We made a big mess, but it was fun. I did all the sewing and ironing and did some prep work the day before to make sure things kept moving. In the interest of simplification, we left off the bird and house number included in the tutorial. The kids liked getting to choose all the parts, but they loved doing the stuffing part.

Each of the houses has their own unique mix and it was fun to see their choices (not always what I would have guessed!). Here is my house in my hand for scale purposes.

The three houses pictured above are my two daughters' and…

Owl Pillows

S asked me to make some pillows with owls on them. I also did these owl pillows for her (and they all sold), but she was looking for something different this time. She gave me some sketches with her ideas and asked me specifically to use materials with texture. I was inspired by the pillows in this shop which were remarkably similar to S's sketches.

The pillows are 11" x 18" finished. There are a few more photos here.